Reptile Acid Muta / The Mythos Chronicles


Neptune Sonic Research 1997

Experimental Ambient Techno.

The epic Acid Muta starts with the close up sound of water, then melody and rhythmic sounds lead to the beat which gets increasingly charged and volatile as the creatures begin to communicate.

The Mythos Chronicles have distant spacy chords surrounded by and intertwining with fractured beats.

Recorded live at Neptune Sonic Research Facilities.
Equipment: Amiga 1200, OctaMED4, Korg 05R/W, Roland MC303, Zoom 3030

LISTEN (m3u)

01 - Acid Muta (46:52)
02 - The Mythos Chronicles pt.1 (5:10)
03 - The Mythos Chronicles pt.2 (7:04)

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